Comexcon 2016

Communications in Extreme Conditions Workshop (ComExCon) aims to bring together academicians and practitioners in areas related to communications in disaster, remote or other extreme environments and in extreme operating conditions such as dangerous temperatures or radiation levels and critical energy constraints. It will serve as a platform for presenting and discussing in the areas of physical layer design, networking and related topics, facilitating communication system development as well as cooperation among the key players.

Regarding extreme conditions, some examples are:

  • Disaster situations, e.g. fires, floods, including post-disaster search and rescue/recovery
  • Networks which are deployed in remote and possibly hazardous locations, such as, volcanoes, polluted and radioactive areas
  • Situations where wireless interference that may be detrimental/hazardous to the surrounding, such as, ICUs / medical instrumentation, industrial plants

Workshop will be held in beautiful Doha Qatar in conjunction with WCNC 2016 and welcome a broad range of topics including communication system design, mobile computing, low power devices and protocols, delay tolerant networks and other networking paradigms, distributed computing paradigms, big data, distributed systems, cloud computing and user experience.

  • Topics for the conference include, but are not limited to:
  • Emergency and urgent communication networks
  • Channel measurements and channel modeling for extreme environments
  • Communications for mining, oil and gas production
  • Communication networks for pipelines
  • Low-power and intermittent-power protocols
  • Underwater networking
  • Testbeds for large-scale sustainable testing of mobile communication systems
  • Real deployments of networks in extreme environments
  • Security, privacy, and trustworthiness of extreme communications
  • Robotic communications and mobile augmented reality
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles for disaster relief
  • Resilient public infrastructure (smart grid, oil/gas/water pipes, transportation, electric vehicles) communications
  • Accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore.


Workshop: 3 April 2016

Paper submission deadline:  23 November 2015

Final Camera-ready papers due:  12 January 2016